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  • Es Ist Bar Zeit At FIBO 2016 Cologne, Germany!?

    YES, it’s time for FIBO – an international health and fitness trade show held annually (and for the past 30 years) in Cologne (yes, like the aftershave) in Germany. Over 730 exhibitors from around 38 countries pack themselves into an area over the size of two football fields to present products, trends and synergies...
  • Rain Bennett's calisthenics documentary is a first of it's kind. In a way, it's as fresh as the sport itself. Image source RaiseUp Facebook Page

    Documentary: Raise Up – The World is Our Gym

    Back in the mid to late 2000’s, those that gathered around the pull up bars in the playgrounds and street-side parks of New York City wouldn’t have known the wheels they were setting in motion. A new fitness phenomenon was being born. Soon people began to take notice of...
  • "Calisthenics is an important and sometimes forgotten component of fitness. It is one of the best fitness component because it requires resistance of a person’s natural body weight." - HIT Richards. Photo via Youtube

    Beyond the bar: Calisthenics Kingz

    From what started as an innovative street workout in a Bronx calisthenics bar park in 2007, ‘Calisthenics Kingz’ has grown into a solid brand in the body weight workout industry. Referring to themselves as “professional performance-based fitness training gurus”, the organisation was started by George ‘HIT’ Richards who, since it’s inception, has become...
  • Burn baby burn! Is a low intensity workout better than a high intensity workout for burning fat? Image by Jon Sullivan [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

    Fact or Fiction: The Fat Burning Zone

    MYTHBUSTER: Low intensity workouts burn more fat. True or False.  Everyone who ever visited a gym and mounted a cardio machine in an attempt to fulfil that new years resolution of a new healthy life has seen it: The fat burning zone. You start peddling and the machine wants...
  • From Germany, England, Sydney and New York - there is guaranteed to be a street workout park near you.

    Find the closest Street Workout Park near you

    Body weight training has become a phenomenon over the last decade, really reaching a massive audience with Youtube videos, websites and facebook groups that have followed the calisthenics fitness trend. Perhaps the popularity is in response to overcrowded, expensive gyms or a culture shift from muscle junkies to functional strength. But...
  • "Remember that you must not be in a hurry or you will fail. Make the resistance progressive and you will be get closer to your goal." - Frank Medrano. Photo via

    Cut above the rest: Frank Medrano

    Based in the U.S.A, Frank Medrano is a popular calisthenics expert, trainer, athlete, vegan and endless source of motivation. He’s been doing body-weight calisthenics training since 2010 after switching from a four year weight lifting regime. About a year and a half into his calisthenics training, Frank was influenced by his two...
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