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  • The pull up, the transition, the dip. Simple, yeah?

    Learn How To Do a Muscle Up

    The muscle up is the mutant love child of the pull up and the dip. With it’s roots as a basic gymnastics move, the popular exercise is a staple of the crossfit world and a cornerstone of freestyle calisthenics. There are essentially three parts to the muscle up: the pull...
  • Parrallette bars are an awesome way to increase your functional fitness strength and they are cheap and heaps of fun too. Image via Calisthenicmovement on Youtube

    Begin Calisthenics Strength Training with Parrallette Bars

    Calisthenics parks are awesome but they can sometimes be REALLY crowded. The next best thing, and an EXCELLENT alternative to the bar park is simply a sturdy pair of parrallette bars. They are a sometimes overlooked piece of equipment for anyone serious about bodyweight training but they are a great addition to your home gym. Plus...
  • Our 10 favourite different plank exercises

    Planks are one of the most simple yet effective calisthenics exercises. A well executed plank can be a whole body workout however it most effectively targets your core (check out our post on ‘what do we mean by core?’). The classic elbow plank or side plank can be really effective for beginners...
  • Ultimate Calisthenics post

    Intermediate Calisthenics: 5 Tricep Push-ups

    Sorry, been super busy lately – will add these ASAP! AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! Ultimate Calisthenics...
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