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  • "I want to be a part of the revolution that helps humanity learn to use their own bodies and to master them." - Stephen Hughes Landers. Image via iCreateLife by Kristina Kashtanova

    UK’s Own: Stephen Hughes-Landers aka iambarstarzz

    Around mid 2013, Stephen Hughes-Landers, who worked at a tattoo parlour in Brighton (a coastal town in southern England), quit his job to pursue a passion in freestyle calisthenics/street workout. Landers was no stranger to physical sports. He was an avid fitness enthusiast and had spent most of his life staying active...
  • "Strength without balance, agility, coordination and explosiveness is strength that's athletically unusable" - BarStarzz - Image via YouTube

    Lead. Inspire. Change: BarStarzz in focus

    BarStarzz was founded in 2009 by Ed Checo and his buddies John Hendericks (J-Starzz) and Tony (Tony-2-Strong) in Washington Heights, New York. The group of friends first got into doing creative calisthenics workouts after they grew tired of the traditional style training at the gym. They had seen people...
  • "Calisthenics is an important and sometimes forgotten component of fitness. It is one of the best fitness component because it requires resistance of a person’s natural body weight." - HIT Richards. Photo via Youtube

    Beyond the bar: Calisthenics Kingz

    From what started as an innovative street workout in a Bronx calisthenics bar park in 2007, ‘Calisthenics Kingz’ has grown into a solid brand in the body weight workout industry. Referring to themselves as “professional performance-based fitness training gurus”, the organisation was started by George ‘HIT’ Richards who, since it’s inception, has become...
  • "Remember that you must not be in a hurry or you will fail. Make the resistance progressive and you will be get closer to your goal." - Frank Medrano. Photo via

    Cut above the rest: Frank Medrano

    Based in the U.S.A, Frank Medrano is a popular calisthenics expert, trainer, athlete, vegan and endless source of motivation. He’s been doing body-weight calisthenics training since 2010 after switching from a four year weight lifting regime. About a year and a half into his calisthenics training, Frank was influenced by his two...
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