Es Ist Bar Zeit At FIBO 2016 Cologne, Germany!?

Is it time for FIBO 2016 in Cologne, Germany already? YES! Check out our small expose on the once a year event!
FIBO 2016 in Cologne is the BIGGEST health and fitness expo if it's kind in the world!

YES, it’s time for FIBO – an international health and fitness trade show held annually (and for the past 30 years) in Cologne (yes, like the aftershave) in Germany. Over 730 exhibitors from around 38 countries pack themselves into an area over the size of two football fields to present products, trends and synergies from all disciplines of fitness, wellness and health. Exhibitors at FIBO are the pinnacle of excellence in these fields and to visit them is a must for any businesses staking their claim in that niche. Plus it’s a really great excuse to be awesome and meet other awesome people and this year it’s even bigger and better than ever!

FIBO is not only the world’s largest trade show in its field, it is also the best event for networking and for meeting industry players from all around the globe.  – Peter Innemee, CEO Sportcity/FitforFree in the Netherlands, Belgium and Poland (

The Three Pillars of FIBO

Held this year from the 7th until the 10th of April, the event covers three core themes: FIBO Expert, FIBO Passion and FIBO Power.

FIBO Expert is a bit of a mixed bag of goodies that happens to include functional training, bar workout demos, street workout equipment providers etc. If you’re in the fitness biz then you want to check this out. It’s industry and innovation rich and caters for all the movers, shakers, and parallette makers. The various halls also provide info and demos on training equipment, medical stuff, corporate fitness, wellness & beauty, sports nutrition supplements, interior decoration for gyms, mobile phone apps, apparel etc. There is lots to see and do. (Psstt! If you’re keen on seeing some street workout demos OR you want to see what you’re missing out on 😛  – check out the ‘EXPERT Exhibitor’ schedule on the FIBO website).

FIBO Passion also has a little bit of everything. It’s somewhat of a fitnes shoppers dream, catering for a range of fitness product suppliers, brands, new trends as well as demos from different cardio fitness concepts to martial arts and more. Get your wallet out!

FIBO Power is more for weight training, body building and martial arts (read MMA). This is a HUGE section of the show and is dedicated to animal steroids, neck-snapping and whey shakes. JUST KIDDING!!! No, this section has TONS of great info on supplements, martial arts and obviously body building. There’s only a bit of neck-snapping.

Street Workout’s Firm Grip @ FIBO

So what does all this mean for calisthenics/street workout? Well, not only does FIBO give a platform for existing trends, it’s a GREAT place for new concepts to gain momentum and intermingle which is why it’s been great to see the street workout section grow in size and popularity over the years.

Check out this video below from FIBO 2015 and featured on Youtube channel BodyWeight24h. It features non other than Small SpartaSensei Sparta, Pavle DjurdjevicAdam Raw and a ton of other amazing street workout legends on the bars.

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So, if you happen to be in Cologne, Germany this week OR if you’ve got nothing to do and a bit of $$$ for a return plane ticket – heading over to FIBO will NOT disappoint.

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