Find the closest Street Workout Park near you

Street workout parks can be hard to find on a map. We've tried to find the best apps, maps and articles to get you some serious hang time.
From Germany, England, Sydney and New York - there is guaranteed to be a street workout park near you.
From Germany, England, Sydney and New York - there is guaranteed to be a street workout park near you.

Body weight training has become a phenomenon over the last decade, really reaching a massive audience with Youtube videos, websites and facebook groups that have followed the calisthenics fitness trend.

Perhaps the popularity is in response to overcrowded, expensive gyms or a culture shift from muscle junkies to functional strength. But for the lay person, it can sometimes be wearisome to get started with body weight training when admittedly, without any gear, all you have to train with is yourself.

Luckily bodyweight or street workout parks exist all around the globe. Not only are they awesome fun and one of the best places to get fit, but they are also great ways for governments to support health and fitness in a health conscious population who are looking for cheap fitness alternatives to expensive gyms and workout machines. Plus you get to ‘hang out’ with a group of your friends and test each others mettle.

So you might ask “Where is an outdoor fitness park near me?

We’ve gathered and reviewed the BEST street workout park finders we could find online so that you can find a great location near you. There is a lot of information here but also a lot that is missing from some countries. If we’ve left out your city or country then don’t hesitate to send us a link to a bodyweight park location in your area.



So where can you go to hang around?


U.S.A. (See map 1, See map 2)

For street workout parks in the U.S.A. you can use a combination of the following two to find the nearest park near you. One is from CGravity, a body-weight training company and the other is thanks to this thread on Reddit. While California is tagged with the most, there are a smattering of listings throughout other states and cities like Miami, Chicago and Washington. Both of these maps could use with some updating.


New York City (See the map)

We found this map by ‘The Skyhopper’ via their blog ParkFitNYC. The map includes all kinds of outdoor fitness including street workout parks, fitness trails and running tracks. Thank you ‘The Skyhopper’. Also BarStarzz has a WHOLE BUNCH of park locations in New York City (and also from around the world) on their website ‘Park’ page. Zoom in on NYC to see how many there actually are!


Los Angeles (See the map)

While this isn’t actually a map, it’s the only information we could find for street workout parks in Los Angeles. So please, Los Angelians – give your lats and longs a workout and add some co-orinates to a Google “My Map” and give me a holla when you’re done ;-).


Chicago (See the page)

Compiled by Chicago fitness coach Mario Castrejon, these great street workout locations are sure to help any Chicagoan get active on the barz. Check out the page here or if you’re looking for a great fitness coach in Chicago, hit up Marios website and check out his calisthenics fitness transformation.


England (See the map)

Luckily the local councils have been busy and there are a ton around England. Check them out on this map by InciteFitness.


London (See the map)

A REALLY excellent street workout park map – comes with an in-depth breakdown (pics included) of all the parks. Thank for this excellent fitness park map for London.


Eastern Europe (See the map)

This is probably the mother of all street workout maps. Supplied by Street Workout NRW from Germany, it is a colossal gathering of calisthenics parks WORLDWIDE. It seems they might be piggy-backing off the website for all their data.


Germany (See the map)

Although the Eastern Europe map pretty much has Germany covered, we couldn’t overlook a map provided by one of the largest street workout groups in Europe, Baristi Workout have this helpful map for all the parks in Germany.


Sydney, Australia (See the map)

Thanks to BTCheatSheet, Sydney, Australia is on the map for calisthenics parks. Also for any Sydney-siders looking to max out some reps, here’s an in-depth article on some of the best fitness parks around Sydney from the peeps at ConcretePlayground.

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Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be much information on body weight training parks in Africa but does have a few. South African calisthenics champ Smith Mangena has brought notoriety to the sport in his part of the world and there are hundreds of bar workout groups from African countries online. But no maps per se, that we could find. Know of any? Please leave a comment below.



Likewise in Asia where street workouts have really taken off over the past few years in places like Singapore, the Phillipines and China. does have a few listings but again no specific maps for cities in and around Asia or India. Although we did find this article and street workout guide to Kuala Lumpur. Again, help if you have a link to share in the comments below.


The Middle East

Recently, the WSWCF held the “Street Workout World Cup” in Dubai (check out the results here). There is no doubting that body weight fitness is HUGE in countries around the Middle East. But again – no maps! Please help if you know of any and leave a message in the comments below.


South & Central America

Again, nada in terms of specific maps for cities. Street workouts are popular in many populated cities around Central and South America and the weather there is excellent for outdoor fitness. Nothing beats a street workout park with a view of the ocean and a setting sun. Alas, we couldn’t find anything (on English Google) for maps of calisthenics parks. Si hablas español (ou português) necesitamos su ayuda!!!

Thanks for checking out our article. We hope you can find am outdoor fitness park near you so you can start getting some serious hang time and building some awesome lean muscle.

Remember, if you have any information or links to calisthenics park maps from your city or country, please leave a link in the comments below.

  • I really appreciate you sharing the blog I wrote about “Chicago Street Workout Park Locations”. My goal is grow the Street Workout / Calisthenics community here in Chicago and by getting this information out there it will really help. Also I want to let you know that I run a group called “Street Workout Chicago” and we meet at Harrison Park in Pilsen every Saturday morning 8am-10am. Of course anyone is welcome and this is always FREE. We have a Facebook page where people can get more information and watch the videos / pictures from previous event. We always have new visitors all the time and the group is growing week by week. Today in fact we got a visitor from Czech Republic and they told me the want to bring their whole Street Workout Team to Chicago in the future. How cool is that?! I love calisthenics because it’s connecting people all over the world to do something healthy and positive. We also had visitors from Brazil, Argentina, Netherlands, Sweden, and NYC. So whether you live in Chicago or are coming to visit, we want to see YOU at the bars. Make sure to check us out on Facecebook and we look forward to training with YOU soon!

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