First female calisthenics/street workout event @ FIBO 2015 Calisthenics Battles

The first ever female calisthenics event was held this year at FIBO in the Baristi Workout booth. Check it out here.

The street workout world is dominated by men. But there are a huge number of women muscling in some space on the scene, proving that the fairer sex can hold their own in the body weight training arena.

Don’t believe me? Check out some of their awesome moves at the female calisthenics event at FIBO’s “Queen of the Bar” Battles held in 2015 in Cologne, Germany. The event was held at the Baristi Workout booth and was the first ever female calisthenics street workout eventFIBO is the world’s largest fitness and health expo and this year it attracted over 138,000 visitors.

Baristi Workout” are an international group of calisthenics enthusiasts and proponents – or “dynamic fitness enthusiasts” – as they refer to themselves on their website.  This year they hosted some of the best calisthenics highlights of this years FIBO including the “King of the Bar Battles” for males and the “Queen of the Bar Battles” for females, as well as the Power Competition.

Judges for this year were Adam Raw, Edward Checo – Barstarzz, Dejan Stipic, Eryc Ortiz.

First place was taken by Melanie Dreisdan of the Netherlands. Check out Melanie on Youtube.

Video Source: Youtube (BaristiWorkout)

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