5 EXTREME Calisthenics Push ups

Our pick of the five most intense calisthenics exercises that will challenge, impress and, most importantly, build strength
These extreme push ups are sure to make you sweat
These extreme push ups are sure to make you sweat

You don’t need a bench press or expensive gym machines to build stronger chest, arm and core muscles. These five extreme plyometric push ups are great exercises that are free, extremely challenging and fun to learn. Plus they have cool names…

#1 – Superman Push Ups

Touted as the HARDEST push up in the world, the ‘Superman’ push up pretty much looks as you’d imagine. As far as calisthenics bodyweight exercises go, this one is extreme, needing not only the explosive energy of the chest and arms to get off the ground but also the glutes, lowerback and shoulders to assume the superman position (mid-air!) that gives it it’s namesake. (Source: David Warren Workouts on Youtube)

#2 – Aztec Push Ups

Do you like v-up crunches? Do you like push-ups? Do you like falling towards the ground, face first, while trying to land both of these in under a second? Great! Try the aztec push up. (Source: OfficialBarstarzz on Youtube)


#3 – Planche Push ups

Ah the planche, it’s a favourite for calisthenics enthusiasts and a kind of right of passage for the art form, having been around since the early days of gymnastics and acrobatics. Essentially the planche is a hand-balancing exercise or manoeuvre which puts all of the weight of the body on the palm of the hands and wrist. Holding this position is really really tough. Doing a push up while in this position is an EXTREME calisthenics workout. Check out Forge’s Youtube video on how to progress to doing a planche, then a planche push up.  (Source: Fortress on Youtube)


#4 – Muay Thai Push Ups

Muay Thai is a brutally high-intensity sport and their athletes are some of the most physically fit in the world. The training regime of a Muay Thai boxer includes many plyometric exercises which are basically short bursts of high-intensity movements aimed at speed and power. The Muay Thai push up is a great example of this kind of exercise consisting of an explosive push up punctuated by a clap behind the back. Rinse and repeat. (Source: Tee Major Fitness on Youtube)


#5 – Handstand Push Up

The handstand push up (also known as the vertical push up) is an extreme calisthenics exercise that is sure to impress. The balance and core strength needed to perform a handstand alone is enough to warrant applause and the upside down vertical push up to top it off is an insane mastery of the human body. Add this to your repertoire to challenge yourself, impress others and most importantly, to get STRONG. (Source: Strength Project on Youtube)

That wraps up Ultimate Calisthenics top five extreme body weight push up exercises. The best thing about all of these extreme calisthenics push ups is that you don’t need an ounce of equipment to get started.

If you’ve mastered any of these push ups or have any questions or comments. Please leave them in the section below.

Extreme Calisthenics
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