Our 10 favourite different plank exercises

Just how many plank positions are there? We pick our favourite 10 different planks exercises
Sorry, unfortunately (or fortunately) this is not one of them. Image By Jonathanfv (Own work) [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Planks are one of the most simple yet effective calisthenics exercises. A well executed plank can be a whole body workout however it most effectively targets your core (check out our post on ‘what do we mean by core?’). The classic elbow plank or side plank can be really effective for beginners but today we decided to put together this list of our ten favourite different plank exercises for intermediate level calisthenics workouts.

Plank Jacks
Leg Raised Plank
Plank Up-Downs (Hell raisers)
Rolling Side Plank
Bird Dog Plank
Stability Ball Plank
Plank Thrusters
Mt Climbers

Speaking of different plank exercises – ever heard of the ‘planche’? Done on the ground, parallettes or in gymnastic rings, the planche is a position where the person is horizontal, facing the ground, while using their hands (or hand, yikes!) as the only means of support.  Check out the banner for this post – it shows a man doing a planche. Athough it’s technically not a plank – the word ‘planche’ is derived from the same origins meaning ‘board’ or ‘plank’. The art of ‘hand balancing’ has been around since the earliest days of acrobatics and gymnastics.

Can you do a planche? Pics or it didn’t happen! Or just comment in the section below and we’ll believe you. Promise.

Intermediate Calisthenics
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