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  • BaristiWorkout. (Published on 15 Apr 2015). QUEEN OF THE BAR - Calisthenics Battles FIBO 2015 [Video file]. Retrieved from Youtube

    First female calisthenics/street workout event @ FIBO 2015 Calisthenics Battles

    The street workout world is dominated by men. But there are a huge number of women muscling in some space on the scene, proving that the fairer sex can hold their own in the body weight training arena. Don’t believe me? Check out some of their awesome moves at the female calisthenics event at FIBO’s “Queen...
  • "Remember that you must not be in a hurry or you will fail. Make the resistance progressive and you will be get closer to your goal." - Frank Medrano. Photo via

    Cut above the rest: Frank Medrano

    Based in the U.S.A, Frank Medrano is a popular calisthenics expert, trainer, athlete, vegan and endless source of motivation. He’s been doing body-weight calisthenics training since 2010 after switching from a four year weight lifting regime. About a year and a half into his calisthenics training, Frank was influenced by his two...
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