Ed Checo

  • The pull up, the transition, the dip. Simple, yeah?

    Learn How To Do a Muscle Up

    The muscle up is the mutant love child of the pull up and the dip. With it’s roots as a basic gymnastics move, the popular exercise is a staple of the crossfit world and a cornerstone of freestyle calisthenics. There are essentially three parts to the muscle up: the pull...
  • "Strength without balance, agility, coordination and explosiveness is strength that's athletically unusable" - BarStarzz - Image via YouTube

    Lead. Inspire. Change: BarStarzz in focus

    BarStarzz was founded in 2009 by Ed Checo and his buddies John Hendericks (J-Starzz) and Tony (Tony-2-Strong) in Washington Heights, New York. The group of friends first got into doing creative calisthenics workouts after they grew tired of the traditional style training at the gym. They had seen people...
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