frank medrano

  • The pull up, the transition, the dip. Simple, yeah?

    Learn How To Do a Muscle Up

    The muscle up is the mutant love child of the pull up and the dip. With it’s roots as a basic gymnastics move, the popular exercise is a staple of the crossfit world and a cornerstone of freestyle calisthenics. There are essentially three parts to the muscle up: the pull...
  • Frank Medrano training at the world famous Metroflex in Long Beach

    Frank Medrano at Metroflex Long Beach

    Frank Medrano training at the world famous Metroflex in Long Beach, California. He is a world renowned for his veganism, his all-natural physique and his awesome calisthenics workouts.  Check out our brief case study of him in our Calisthenics Champions section – “Cut above the rest: Frank Medrano“. Source: Youtube (Frank...
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