VIDEO: Fittest Women On Earth – Calisthenics Superheros

Just a handful of some of the MANY women getting into street workout/freestyle calisthenics

Uploaded by BarStarzz, this video is an expose on just a few of the MANY powerful women in the street workout/freestyle calisthenics/(fit as fuck) arena. The grace and agility these calisthenics women bring to the game is unreal. We’re assuming this was filmed somewhere in New York (where BarStarzz resides) but we could be wrong. If you have any more info on these ladies or if you can get in touch with them we’d love to write an article about these beauties. Leave a comment in the comment section below.

In Order of Appearance:

Jessica Bogdanov aka Russian Red

Lisa Stella

Onelia Alexandra aka SpideyWho

Oona Kivelä aka Oona K

Crystal M. Iglesias aka Flyaway

Massy Arias aka Mankofit

Ronda Rousey aka World/Olympic medalist in judo UFC/Strikeforce aka MMA Badass aka Absolute Hottie

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